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How to Drive a Towing Truck Safely

Perth is a booming city, and as a tow truck driver you are making it all possible. A tow truck is the most powerful vehicle on the road. So many people rely on their own cars or hire cars, to get around, so they need a truck to take them wherever they need to go.

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We have some of the most powerful vehicles in the world, but many of us can’t afford to drive them. Tow trucks can carry you up the hills, across muddy fields, across rivers and even over steep hills. But can you manage to keep the engine on at all times? Here is some advice on driving a tow truck safely.

If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself on the edge of your seat at the sight of a trickier stretch of road. That’s when you know you’re getting close to one of those tricky problems. Pull off the road and back onto the motorway. This will give you plenty of time to stop the engine, and so you can pay attention to other aspects of the situation.

When you come out of the motorway, look carefully for the points of the road that curve hard parts and trees – usually called ‘diamonds’. These might have forced a damaged drive shaft to make way for a new one.

Sometimes a big straight section might have a series of sharp bends, or large uneven surfaces, which can be dangerous. That’s when you need to take your eyes off the road and to your mirrors. This should be done once a week, and you’ll never be in any danger if you’re aware of all the dangers.

If you’ve got a problem like this on a regular basis, you need to look at raising the rear of your car to give yourself better protection. Keep it high enough so that you can easily see everything around you. Take a look at using a low gear as well, because while high gears can give you more power, they might also add weight to your car.

Remember that a tow truck will be following you at a minimum of 35mph, so keep your top speed down. Be safe, be courteous and don’t race, and you’ll keep on trucking happily.

Once you’ve established that you are in the right gear, you need to concentrate on your safety – and then take the wheel of your car and concentrate on what you’re doing. See where you need to go, where you’re going and who’s looking at the road signs.

It might be possible to just drive on the left side of the road and keep an eye on the way ahead, but if you drive on the left side of the road, you’ll be watching out for all kinds of hazards, including cars that are running red lights and pulling out in front of you. Drive in the right hand lane, not left, because that is where the rules apply. Watch out for speeders and aggressive drivers.

Another factor is if you are in a tow truck, it’s not all about the speed you can drive at. There are other things that need to be taken into account, such as lane position, the length of the tow lines and what kind of equipment you have in the cab.

Always be prepared to put your own life at risk. Avoid heading straight on the wrong side of the road, and always stay out of the left hand lanes. All drivers should keep this in mind, when they are considering getting behind the wheel of a Tow Truck Perth.

As you get out of the vehicle, always take note of where you are going. Look for signs that tell you where the next point of interest is. When you leave your car behind, look out for the signs to tell you where to park your car, if you are using a tow truck.